Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide high-quality Engineering and consultation services in partnership with our Clients. We maintain our goal of contributing to our Clients’ ability to operate more efficiently, while increasing their profits and taking into account Corporate and Environmental responsibilities.

We provide highly trained and professional services while committed to working effectively within a Capital Projects or Maintenance Based retrofits and upgrades.

We will execute and deliver on time, and on schedule, while focusing on the bottom line.

Our History

Putting the pieces together one piece at a time


At KTC Group we have taken our core business principles and engineering practices and expanded while providing a wide range of services. Our clients are from a variety of industrial sectors including the Forest Products Industry, Pulp, Pulp & Paper, Mining and Energy.


KTC Group has become diversified as a result of increased growth and demand for services within the industrial markets. Starting from our group KTC Panelboard Engineering Ltd..


KTC Engineering was started in 2005 by Co-founder Jan Karnik, B.Sc., MBA as President and Jim McMahon, P.Eng as Vice President. We offer Global services through our two offices located in Canada and the Czech Republic (KTC Drevo Projekt).


KTC Panelboard was founded in 2004 by John Karnik who was pivotal in the development of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) production, equipment and plant design. Stemming back from the industry’s inception in the early 1980’s.

Safety Policy

Working Together

KTC Industrial Engineering Ltd. is committed to maintaining a strong and effective Occupational Health and Safety Program, while abiding to the rules and regulations of various Governments and States.

As they say, "most accidents are preventable", and this is what we’ll strive for. ZERO accidents at all worksites and peace of mind through knowing that our company's mandate is to work safely at all times.

We will do our best to protect our Employees, Sub-Contractors, Customers , Public and the Environment from any incidents which may cause harm, injury or property damage. In order to achieve this goal cooperation is required from everyone. Our Management will maintain a safe working environment through competent Supervisors and on-going training for our employees. Also providing the necessary tools and equipment, in safe working condition.

All Supervisors will promote site safety and lead by example. Inspections and hazard assessments will be conducted on an on-going basis. Supervisors will implement measures, controls, and processes while identifying hazards and ensuring performance. Production and safety goes “hand in hand”.

All Employees and Sub-Contractors are expected to know the content of the OH&S Programme, assist with its implementation and abide by all rules and regulations, including site safety.

We applaud our Employees for their excellent performance and participation. It is only this dedication that we can achieve an “incident free” healthy and safe workplace. You are all considered assets to the company.

As a team, by bringing a continued positive approach and “safety awareness” we can continue to be leaders in our industry.

While continuing to lead by example we thank you for your dedication.